How to compile synonym in oracle


Use this clause to compile synonym. A synonym places a dependency on its target object and becomes invalid if the target object is changed or dropped. Hi I have written the below script to recompile the synonyms in all the schemas but I am getting invalid character error. Could you check is there. I have a user granted DBA privileges which I would like to use to recompile the objects but when I issue an ALTER PUBLIC SYNONYM.

compile public synonym that are invalid Select 'alter public synonym '|| object_name||' compile;' From dba_objects Where status 'VALID' And. Environment: Oracle database , Toad for Oracle There is an invalid public synonym F_GET_PARTY_NAME. The target object. I have access to an oracle DBA account but I am unable to revalidate Oracle invalid synonyms. I do not have access to SYS or SYSTEM.

There are five ways to recompile invalid objects in schema. 1. Select 'alter public synonym 'object_name' compile;' From user_objects Where. 1) To recompile NON-PUBLIC SYNONYMS use below script. set pagesize 0 set linesize 79 Home > Oracle DBA > How to compile synonyms. Compile Invalid SYNONYM Oracle. January 11th, st0ma. Happy New Year! Wish you all the great stuff you have been dreaming about to come true in. Prior to Oracle Database 10g, when a synonym was re-created, the status of any dependent PL/SQL program unit was set to INVALID. If you did not recompile.

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